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Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend is a book that… stretches the boundaries a bit. It features an erotic love story about a boy and his dog, but it’s not bestiality. Not exactly.
The lead story is about a young man named Ukyo, who takes in a friendly stray dog he names Kuro (”Blackie”). But this [...]

Phonogram: Rue Britannia

The creator bios for Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie concede that neither of them is technically a “young person” anymore. So what does that say about someone actually too old to get most of the neo-nostalgic pop-culture references that permeate the magical and musical story of Phonogram: Rue Britannia?
It’s OK; I can take it. [...]

Fusion anthology

There’s no mistaking that the creators of Fusion Anthology have put a lot of time, effort, and money into this project. The production values and packaging alone shout “commitment”. Which makes it all the more baffling that they didn’t bother with a good proofreading. There are some good things to be said [...]


There are pluses and minuses to collaborating with dead writers.
On the “plus” side, if they’ve been dead as long as the Brothers Grimm, you don’t need to worry about copyright and character ownership.
On the “minus” side, it’s kind of difficult to ask them for clarification about the story, and if the ending is a bit… [...]

Amy Unbounded

I don’t buy very many mini-comics. I’m too much a creature of habit, and my habit is to acquire comics through “the system” with my monthly orders and my weekly visits to my local store. I love an adventure off the beaten path (ask me sometime about my solo trip to Iceland), but [...]

Atlantis Chronicles

It’s tempting to call this “The Secret Origin of Aquaman”… except for the fact that the waterbreathing member of the JLA appears only briefly in the whole series. It’s also tempting to dismiss it as an attempt to reconcile the many mutually-inconsistent versions of “Atlantis” that have appeared in DC comics… except that it’s [...]


What a refreshing surprise!
OK, it’s not entirely surprising to see a book like this from Image. They’ve had The Maxx for years, and since Groo and Bone passed through, there’s been lots of inventive, interesting stuff showing up with the logo on the cover. But this is something I would have [...]


I don’t like to review stories before they’re finished, but in this case I’m making an exception. Creator Jenni Gregory has said that DreamWalker is going to be a novel, and numbers the pages accordingly: after the 27 pages of story in #1, the first page in #2 is numbered “28″. But because [...]

Leave it to Chance

When artist Jim Lee announced that he was going to start his own publishing company, he had two “hits” lined up to be part of it: Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, and Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise, both critical successes and fan favourites. Astro City was already touted by some as one of the best [...]

The Spectre

Whenever someone poses a challenge to fans of the superhero genre or DC Comics in particular, asking whether there are comics that do this or that, in recent years there was one answer that kept coming up:

Do any comics show devout Christians as sympathetic, intelligent people? Catholic priest Richard Craemer served as a valued [...]


The semi-official “high concept” description of this series is “Twin Peaks in rural England”, and I think that captures it fairly well. But it’s Twin Peaks without the psychedelic surreality and forced, morbid weirdness to maintain the reputation for weirdness. And with charm. But maybe that’s covered by the “rural England” part [...]

Wonder Woman

a review of vol.2, #1-46
“Ya shoulda been there!” That’s what I said to myself as I read the post-Crisis relaunch of Wonder Woman, a decade after it began. But at the time, I was engrossed in my studies of computers, alcohol, and the guy down the hall at college, having stopped reading comics [...]