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Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend is a book that… stretches the boundaries a bit. It features an erotic love story about a boy and his dog, but it’s not bestiality. Not exactly.
The lead story is about a young man named Ukyo, who takes in a friendly stray dog he names Kuro (”Blackie”). But this [...]

Young Hoods in Love

This item sounded interesting when it came out in 1995, but the $9.95 price tag for a fairly slim volume caused me to balk. Recently my retailer had several copies at half off cover price, so I picked it up. It was definitely worth it at that price, and probably would have been [...]


I’m told that there was a seven-year delay between the original release of Strips #9 and the recent #10, meaning that this review of #1 would seem like rather old news. But creator Chuck Austen has just started a re-release of the original series in “special editions”. Curious about what the series was [...]

Finger Filth

This volume is a reprint of several sexually-explicit comics and series Bob Fingerman has produced over the years. While Fingerman’s current series for Fantagraphics, Minimum Wage contains some incidental nudity and sex, these pieces focus on sex and nudity. Some of them (”Shugga” and “Skinheads in Love”) are medium-length stories originally published on [...]

Bull’s Balls

Whose idea was the Atlantic Ocean? Sure, it’s pretty and all that, but it has this annoying habit of separating North America from Europe. Not only did that delay the United States’ rather useful involvement in WWII by a couple years, it also prevents Americans from enjoying the full benefits of European culture. [...]

Coley Running Wild: The Blade and the Whip

collects the mini-series “Return to Voodoo Island” and “Idol of Flesh”
After reading and enjoying John Blackburn’s series Hardthrob, featuring the dangerously beautiful Coley Cochran, I was curious to read some of his other adventures. Fortunately, two of them are collected in Coley Running Wild, part of Eros’ “graphic album” series. There are 30 [...]

Dancin’ Nekkid with the Angels

Howard Cruse has received a bit of attention recently for Stuck Rubber Baby, his graphic novel about a white gay man coming of age in the racist American South of the 1960’s. Before that, he was well known in the gay and lesbian community as the creator of Wendel, a full-page strip that [...]


It’s not often that a work of erotic fiction leaves me scratching my… head. But then, Birdland is hardly a typical piece of porn. It’s a solo project by Gilbert “Beto” Hernandez, co-creator (con sus hermanos) of the classic indie series Love and Rockets. I’ve read very little L&R (don’t worry, I will), [...]


In Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s character refers to a sexual encounter as “the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.” In that case, he should try reading XXXenophile; it could be the most fun he’ll ever have, period.
OK, so maybe I’m making unwarranted assumptions. Not everyone will be amused or aroused by the [...]


I have a feeling John Blackburn likes drop-dead gorgeous men. Because that’s the simplest visual description for Coley, the central character and coverboy of Hardthrob. Not only is he beautiful, but he knows it. And he uses it.
Coley Cochran is a famous young male model, and widely known to be gay. [...]


Leatherboy is the story of a young male superhero in a world in which everyone in a costume seems to have some strong sexual overtones… and hang-ups. The hero is an alien from an all-male planet, a fact he hides to maintain his popular profile. Gemini Man is a closeted bisexual with divided [...]