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The Invisibles vol.2

There are some who revere Grant Morrison as a god, or at least so it seems. My opinion is a bit more reserved: I think he’s a very good but sometimes self-indulgent writer. The Invisibles is a prime example of this.
The series is about the “invisible” struggle between the agents of total Control [...]

V for Vendetta

Any serious superhero reader eventually gets around to reading Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen. It’s required. But unless they mistake the cover painting for the Joker, superhero fans are less likely to pick up V for Vendetta, Moore’s more reality-based work from the same period. They should. So should anyone with [...]

Atlantis Chronicles

It’s tempting to call this “The Secret Origin of Aquaman”… except for the fact that the waterbreathing member of the JLA appears only briefly in the whole series. It’s also tempting to dismiss it as an attempt to reconcile the many mutually-inconsistent versions of “Atlantis” that have appeared in DC comics… except that it’s [...]


Shortly after I picked up Cell #1, I saw that the third issue had been solicited as “#3 of 3″. So I figured I had the beginning of a nice little limited series. Not exactly. In fact, what happened is writer/artist Derek Kirk decided to the put the series on hold - [...]

Smith Brown Jones

Who says there’s not enough good humour comics available these days? Well, I generally do… but Smith Brown Jones is one of the exceptions. It’s a reviewing cliché to say it, but this Eisner-nominated series had me laughing out loud, several times per issue.
Smith Brown Jones (the star of the story) is an [...]


What a refreshing surprise!
OK, it’s not entirely surprising to see a book like this from Image. They’ve had The Maxx for years, and since Groo and Bone passed through, there’s been lots of inventive, interesting stuff showing up with the logo on the cover. But this is something I would have [...]

Reality Check

One of the most plagiarized, referenced, quoted, and asked-about single-panel cartoons of the early 90’s was the one depicting a canine sitting at a computer, commenting to his companion, “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” That potential to obscure and play with the truth using electronic communication is one of the [...]

Wandering Star

Years overdue and 75% over-size, Wandering Star has finally concluded. The series began in 1993 and was to last 12 issues, taking perhaps a couple years to tell. More than four years and 21 issues later, it’s finished. But it was worth the wait.
Understand that I’m the kind of person who “collects” [...]


It’s not often that a work of erotic fiction leaves me scratching my… head. But then, Birdland is hardly a typical piece of porn. It’s a solo project by Gilbert “Beto” Hernandez, co-creator (con sus hermanos) of the classic indie series Love and Rockets. I’ve read very little L&R (don’t worry, I will), [...]

Roswell: Little Green Man

In the beginning (of Bongo Comics) there was Steve Vance, who managed to make Matt Groening’s Simpsons-related comic book line exceed everyone’s expectations. It was actually as amusing and subversive as the television series, more than forumlaic kiddie comics based on a hit TV show. But when Vance (and his colorist wife Cindy [...]


According to the editorial notes, the appearance of Galaxion #1 in stores across the continent has been a long time coming. But the timing may be just right. I’m thinking of the fact that Wandering Star, a well-done character-focused black-and-white science-fiction series written and drawn from a female perspective, is about to come [...]

Gemini Blood

I didn’t really give Gemini Blood the chance it deserved.
The title sounded like an adolescent carnage-orientated Image Comics series, which turned me off a bit before I even saw it. The promotional material explained that it was about “paratwa”, pairs of genetically engineered assassins who shared a single consciousness… which sounded interesting, but a [...]