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In Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s character refers to a sexual encounter as “the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.” In that case, he should try reading XXXenophile; it could be the most fun he’ll ever have, period.
OK, so maybe I’m making unwarranted assumptions. Not everyone will be amused or aroused by the [...]

Time Breakers

Nearly all science fiction involving time travel insists that either: A) time cannot be changed, or B) if time is changed, Bad Things will happen. Option A goes all the way back to the Greek story of Cassandra, who was blessed with sight of the future, but cursed that no one would heed her [...]


“So there you have it. Another Jones creation that thrills the pros and baffles the fans.”
That was Gerard Jones’ response following a slew of rave reviews from Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Mark Wheatley, Mark Badger, Sam Hamm, and Fabian Nicieza, followed by a bunch of more tentative letters from plain ol’ readers. [...]


Of the four “replacement Supermen” who appeared when Superman died a few years ago, I found the one referred to as “the visored Superman” or “the Last Son of Krypton” the least likeable… but nonetheless fascinating. He looked just like the Real Steel Deal (except for the visor and other costume changes), but lacked [...]


From looking at the letters he gets, Jimmie Robinson appears to have many people confused. Is the creator of CyberZone
a woman or a man? Black or white? Straight or gay? How old? The confusion comes from the fact that the main characters are mostly women, more than a couple of them [...]

Foot Soldiers

DC is leaning heavily on the heroes-in-a-dystopic-future theme this year, with Kingdom Come and their “Dead Earth” annuals. But there’s a series over at Dark Horse already exploring a similar idea: “When all the heroes are gone, who will fill their shoes?” Writer Jim Kreuger’s answer: The Foot Soldiers.
They’re a trio (and growing) [...]

Age of Reptiles: The Hunt

Dark Horse asked here on the net for people to look over the first two issues of this series and write letters of comment for when the series is published. I warned them that I’d probably review them here, but they still sent me a photocopy. {grin} This review is an adaptation and [...]

Akiko on the Planet Smoo

I guess there may be hope for the comics industry, after all.
OK, that’s a bit harsh toward the rest of the industry, but with publishers focusing so much on castrated steroidal men wearing tights, and anorexic breast-augmented women wearing as little as possible, selling them to a smaller and smaller group of hormonal teenage fanboys, [...]