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The Invincible Ed

The Invicible Ed is a book that it’s hard not to like… but I managed it anyway. Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t dislike it, but despite its strengths, I was disappointed by it.
Ryan Woodward, who wrote and did most of the art work, is unquestionably a very talented artist. And he’s versatile, [...]

Earthboy Jacobus

Earthboy Jacobus is both surprisingly light and refreshing, and surprisingly filling and satisfying. In the blurb on the back cover, Mike Mignola compares it to a cross between Will Eisner and Bill Waterson, and I can definitely see what he means by that. On one hand, it’s full of wacky sci-fi elements and [...]

Amy Unbounded

I don’t buy very many mini-comics. I’m too much a creature of habit, and my habit is to acquire comics through “the system” with my monthly orders and my weekly visits to my local store. I love an adventure off the beaten path (ask me sometime about my solo trip to Iceland), but [...]

Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks

This is the sort of story that leaves one self-conscious about scratching one’s nose.
As the title suggests, this story focuses on two main characters: Gordon Yamamoto and Miles Tanner (a.k.a. “the King of the Geeks”). Gordon is an upperclassman in high school who, with his friend Devon, is a bit of bully. Miles [...]

Crisis on Earth-Prime

published in Justice League of America #207-209 and All-Star Squadron #15,16

More than a decade afterward, the debate still rages: “Was Crisis on Infinite Earths necessary to make the DC Universe understandable?” The feeling among the folks at DC at the time was that it was: The multiple Earths caused confusion about which character [...]

Smith Brown Jones

Who says there’s not enough good humour comics available these days? Well, I generally do… but Smith Brown Jones is one of the exceptions. It’s a reviewing cliché to say it, but this Eisner-nominated series had me laughing out loud, several times per issue.
Smith Brown Jones (the star of the story) is an [...]


What a refreshing surprise!
OK, it’s not entirely surprising to see a book like this from Image. They’ve had The Maxx for years, and since Groo and Bone passed through, there’s been lots of inventive, interesting stuff showing up with the logo on the cover. But this is something I would have [...]


I don’t like to review stories before they’re finished, but in this case I’m making an exception. Creator Jenni Gregory has said that DreamWalker is going to be a novel, and numbers the pages accordingly: after the 27 pages of story in #1, the first page in #2 is numbered “28″. But because [...]

Reality Check

One of the most plagiarized, referenced, quoted, and asked-about single-panel cartoons of the early 90’s was the one depicting a canine sitting at a computer, commenting to his companion, “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” That potential to obscure and play with the truth using electronic communication is one of the [...]

Leave it to Chance

When artist Jim Lee announced that he was going to start his own publishing company, he had two “hits” lined up to be part of it: Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, and Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise, both critical successes and fan favourites. Astro City was already touted by some as one of the best [...]

Roswell: Little Green Man

In the beginning (of Bongo Comics) there was Steve Vance, who managed to make Matt Groening’s Simpsons-related comic book line exceed everyone’s expectations. It was actually as amusing and subversive as the television series, more than forumlaic kiddie comics based on a hit TV show. But when Vance (and his colorist wife Cindy [...]


According to the editorial notes, the appearance of Galaxion #1 in stores across the continent has been a long time coming. But the timing may be just right. I’m thinking of the fact that Wandering Star, a well-done character-focused black-and-white science-fiction series written and drawn from a female perspective, is about to come [...]