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Leatherboy is the story of a young male superhero in a world in which everyone in a costume seems to have some strong sexual overtones… and hang-ups. The hero is an alien from an all-male planet, a fact he hides to maintain his popular profile. Gemini Man is a closeted bisexual with divided [...]


From looking at the letters he gets, Jimmie Robinson appears to have many people confused. Is the creator of CyberZone
a woman or a man? Black or white? Straight or gay? How old? The confusion comes from the fact that the main characters are mostly women, more than a couple of them [...]

Stuck Rubber Baby

I’ve never been the sentimental type; I get bored at weddings and funerals, I tend to take both tragedies and celebrations in stride. But this book brought me to tears… and laughter. It’s that good.
I don’t buy hardcover “graphic novels”, either. I think the term is pretentious, and I figure it’s silly [...]