archive for January 1996

The Copybook Tales

“I like the art. Neat lettering.” That was my boyfriend Andy’s immediate reaction when he looked over my shoulder as I started reading these. I agree. (Now leave me alone and let me read, OK?)
The art reminds me of Evan Dorkin’s Pirate Corps work, but without the fine point pen he uses [...]

The Narrative Corpse

The credits for this book read like a Who’s Who of alternative and under-ground comix. How about Eisner, Groening, Sacco, Fleener, Ware, Hernandez, Crumb, Lutes, Shelton, and Bagge as just a quickie sample? So when I had a chance to order it from the Quality Paperback Book Club at a discount, I jumped.
As [...]

Akiko on the Planet Smoo

I guess there may be hope for the comics industry, after all.
OK, that’s a bit harsh toward the rest of the industry, but with publishers focusing so much on castrated steroidal men wearing tights, and anorexic breast-augmented women wearing as little as possible, selling them to a smaller and smaller group of hormonal teenage fanboys, [...]