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Leatherboy is the story of a young male superhero in a world in which everyone in a costume seems to have some strong sexual overtones… and hang-ups. The hero is an alien from an all-male planet, a fact he hides to maintain his popular profile. Gemini Man is a closeted bisexual with divided [...]


From looking at the letters he gets, Jimmie Robinson appears to have many people confused. Is the creator of CyberZone
a woman or a man? Black or white? Straight or gay? How old? The confusion comes from the fact that the main characters are mostly women, more than a couple of them [...]


review of #0-20
What can I say about this series that hasn’t already been said? Well, I could say that it’s a lot like the original “Porky’s” movie, or that it’s been shown to prevent melanoma in laboratory bats… but the reason no one’s said these things is that they’re utter nonsense. {smile}
Based on the art [...]

Primal Force

Of the new books announced to debut after Zero Hour, the only two I was sure I’d bother with were Starman and Primal Force. If it were up to me, those would be the two I’d still be reading. But Primal Force was cancelled, for the usual reasons. This fact and the [...]