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The Tale of One Bad Rat

A strange thing happened to Bryan Talbot on his way to writing a book about the Lake District.
Looking for a “hook”, he got side-tracked into the world of former Lake District resident Beatrix Potter, the creator of the oh-so-charming anthropomorphic animal comics which people buy for their young children as “storybooks”. Then, trying to [...]


I have a feeling John Blackburn likes drop-dead gorgeous men. Because that’s the simplest visual description for Coley, the central character and coverboy of Hardthrob. Not only is he beautiful, but he knows it. And he uses it.
Coley Cochran is a famous young male model, and widely known to be gay. [...]

Prez: Teen President

Prez - Then and Now - A look at the original and a recent revisit to America’s first teen president

Prez: First Teen President #3
by Joe Simon & Jerry Grandenetti
This comic is about a liberal (but easily swayed), non-military, young U.S. President going up against the “Minutemen”. These characters are “an extreme right-wing organization whose [...]

What They Did to Princess Paragon

Don’t let the lack of pictures fool you; this is a comic book.

It’s clearly a “book”, and it’s highly “comic”. Rodi has a real knack for clever turns of phrase, for painfully spot-on characterisation, and farcical plot twists that would do Oscar Wilde proud.
It’s about superheroes, the artists who produce them, the fans who [...]

Wonder Woman

a review of vol.2, #1-46
“Ya shoulda been there!” That’s what I said to myself as I read the post-Crisis relaunch of Wonder Woman, a decade after it began. But at the time, I was engrossed in my studies of computers, alcohol, and the guy down the hall at college, having stopped reading comics [...]


Talk about setting yourself up for failure. It wasn’t enough for Pat McGreal and Dave Rawson to create a comic book without a single superhero in it, one without even a hint of magic or of fantasy. Not enough to set it in historical Europe, without a single nightclub, or joint of pot [...]