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Of the four “replacement Supermen” who appeared when Superman died a few years ago, I found the one referred to as “the visored Superman” or “the Last Son of Krypton” the least likeable… but nonetheless fascinating. He looked just like the Real Steel Deal (except for the visor and other costume changes), but lacked [...]

Nine Panel Grid

If it was good enough for Watchmen, it should be good enough for anyone, right?
In Nine Panel Grid, creator James Pyman adheres pretty strictly to a standard grid of 3 rows, with 3 panels each. Hence the name. He bends the rules a little from time to time, by spreading a single scene [...]

The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done

With the success of Paradox Press’ “Big Book” series, the market appears ripe for this new publication by cartoonist Ted Rall. It’s an oversized, square-bound collection of short graphical stories, each (as Paradox boasts of its Big Books) “100% true”. The theme is, as you probably guessed, confessions of the worst things that [...]

Steven’s Comics

I’m a bit upset with myself for not catching on to this strip sooner. Imagine: a world-wise, seen-it-all net.reviewer like me, going all the way to Chicago, stumbling across a dealer table at the con there, and thumbing through a book collecting a strip that’s (duh) featured on the WWW!
The strip is about a [...]