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Seven Miles a Second

Most autobiographies lack one important element: an ending.
At the time they’re written, the author may be past the end of their career, and whatever events make their story “interesting” may be over, but their story isn’t yet over; they don’t yet know how it will end.
David Wojnarowicz, on the other hand, knew the ending to [...]


“So there you have it. Another Jones creation that thrills the pros and baffles the fans.”
That was Gerard Jones’ response following a slew of rave reviews from Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Mark Wheatley, Mark Badger, Sam Hamm, and Fabian Nicieza, followed by a bunch of more tentative letters from plain ol’ readers. [...]


The semi-official “high concept” description of this series is “Twin Peaks in rural England”, and I think that captures it fairly well. But it’s Twin Peaks without the psychedelic surreality and forced, morbid weirdness to maintain the reputation for weirdness. And with charm. But maybe that’s covered by the “rural England” part [...]