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In Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s character refers to a sexual encounter as “the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.” In that case, he should try reading XXXenophile; it could be the most fun he’ll ever have, period.
OK, so maybe I’m making unwarranted assumptions. Not everyone will be amused or aroused by the [...]

Time Breakers

Nearly all science fiction involving time travel insists that either: A) time cannot be changed, or B) if time is changed, Bad Things will happen. Option A goes all the way back to the Greek story of Cassandra, who was blessed with sight of the future, but cursed that no one would heed her [...]


The solicitation in Previews showed a simple cover: a cartoony kid in a action-pose crouch, with a mask covering his mouth and nose, and feet big enough to share sneakers with DC’s kid speedster Impulse. The crisp, confident style said, “quality“. The blurb, with its talk of a bubblegum recipe, said “fun“. [...]

Scare Tactics

This title is one of four new DC-Universe series with a horror angle of one kind or another. They’ve been referred (with varying degrees of officiality) as “the Dark Side of the DCU”, “Weirdoverse”, and (because they don’t bear the “mature readers” rating) “Vertigo lite”.
The 10-page debut of the Scare Tactics crew in [...]