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An Accidental Death

This is the sort of story that one hopes isn’t autobiographical (or even just biographical). It’s not so horrible as to be impossible, but it’s discomforting enough that you really hope it’s just fiction. It’s not billed as autobiography. Nonetheless, reading the detailed description and rather believable characterisation, and looking at the [...]


I don’t like to review stories before they’re finished, but in this case I’m making an exception. Creator Jenni Gregory has said that DreamWalker is going to be a novel, and numbers the pages accordingly: after the 27 pages of story in #1, the first page in #2 is numbered “28″. But because [...]

Bull’s Balls

Whose idea was the Atlantic Ocean? Sure, it’s pretty and all that, but it has this annoying habit of separating North America from Europe. Not only did that delay the United States’ rather useful involvement in WWII by a couple years, it also prevents Americans from enjoying the full benefits of European culture. [...]

Coley Running Wild: The Blade and the Whip

collects the mini-series “Return to Voodoo Island” and “Idol of Flesh”
After reading and enjoying John Blackburn’s series Hardthrob, featuring the dangerously beautiful Coley Cochran, I was curious to read some of his other adventures. Fortunately, two of them are collected in Coley Running Wild, part of Eros’ “graphic album” series. There are 30 [...]

A History of Violence

When I first heard about this book, I thought it was like Paradox Press’ “Big Book” series. They’d had The Big Book of Death, The Big Book of Urban Legends, The Big Book of Thugs, and so on. So when I heard the title “A History Of Violence“, I assumed it was just [...]

Reality Check

One of the most plagiarized, referenced, quoted, and asked-about single-panel cartoons of the early 90’s was the one depicting a canine sitting at a computer, commenting to his companion, “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” That potential to obscure and play with the truth using electronic communication is one of the [...]

Leave it to Chance

When artist Jim Lee announced that he was going to start his own publishing company, he had two “hits” lined up to be part of it: Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, and Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise, both critical successes and fan favourites. Astro City was already touted by some as one of the best [...]


It was obvious at first glace that Phil Jimenez could draw. His attention to anatomy, proportion, and detail is reminiscent of the legendary George Pérez (of Crisis on Infinite Earths and Wonder Woman fame). With a good, equally meticulous inker (such as John Stokes), his art is quite beautiful.
But can he write?
I’d have [...]

Dancin’ Nekkid with the Angels

Howard Cruse has received a bit of attention recently for Stuck Rubber Baby, his graphic novel about a white gay man coming of age in the racist American South of the 1960’s. Before that, he was well known in the gay and lesbian community as the creator of Wendel, a full-page strip that [...]

Wandering Star

Years overdue and 75% over-size, Wandering Star has finally concluded. The series began in 1993 and was to last 12 issues, taking perhaps a couple years to tell. More than four years and 21 issues later, it’s finished. But it was worth the wait.
Understand that I’m the kind of person who “collects” [...]


It’s not often that a work of erotic fiction leaves me scratching my… head. But then, Birdland is hardly a typical piece of porn. It’s a solo project by Gilbert “Beto” Hernandez, co-creator (con sus hermanos) of the classic indie series Love and Rockets. I’ve read very little L&R (don’t worry, I will), [...]

Roswell: Little Green Man

In the beginning (of Bongo Comics) there was Steve Vance, who managed to make Matt Groening’s Simpsons-related comic book line exceed everyone’s expectations. It was actually as amusing and subversive as the television series, more than forumlaic kiddie comics based on a hit TV show. But when Vance (and his colorist wife Cindy [...]