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Shortly after I picked up Cell #1, I saw that the third issue had been solicited as “#3 of 3″. So I figured I had the beginning of a nice little limited series. Not exactly. In fact, what happened is writer/artist Derek Kirk decided to the put the series on hold - [...]


In the age of the anti-hero, it only makes sense to have the occasional anti-villain as well. But unlike sociopathic vigilante anti-heroes like the Punisher, an anti-villain like Anarky provides some interesting food for thought. Sure, he breaks the law, but what he really wants is to save the world… and maybe he’s [...]

Smith Brown Jones

Who says there’s not enough good humour comics available these days? Well, I generally do… but Smith Brown Jones is one of the exceptions. It’s a reviewing cliché to say it, but this Eisner-nominated series had me laughing out loud, several times per issue.
Smith Brown Jones (the star of the story) is an [...]


What a refreshing surprise!
OK, it’s not entirely surprising to see a book like this from Image. They’ve had The Maxx for years, and since Groo and Bone passed through, there’s been lots of inventive, interesting stuff showing up with the logo on the cover. But this is something I would have [...]

Blood Pack

It seems to be an article of faith among comics fans on the internet: Nothing good came out of Bloodlines. The summer-long, DC-Universe-wide crossover was intended to introduce a slew of new characters, and this “New Blood” would help to revitalise the DCU. But ask anyone: these characters all sucked. Well, [...]

Finger Filth

This volume is a reprint of several sexually-explicit comics and series Bob Fingerman has produced over the years. While Fingerman’s current series for Fantagraphics, Minimum Wage contains some incidental nudity and sex, these pieces focus on sex and nudity. Some of them (”Shugga” and “Skinheads in Love”) are medium-length stories originally published on [...]