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If you’re a serious student of comics, you’ve read the insightful analysis of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. If you’re lucky, you’ve enjoyed the artful blend of whimsy and character development that was his beloved series Zot!. Readers of current DC books may have seen the highs and lows of his handling of the [...]

Crisis on Earth-Prime

published in Justice League of America #207-209 and All-Star Squadron #15,16

More than a decade afterward, the debate still rages: “Was Crisis on Infinite Earths necessary to make the DC Universe understandable?” The feeling among the folks at DC at the time was that it was: The multiple Earths caused confusion about which character [...]

A Touch of Silver

Nostalgia is big these days. Not just the fashion czars’ dictates of bellbottoms and sideburns, but especially in the realm of comics. It’s only natural in these uncertain times to look back at the good old days. That’s what Jim Valentino has done with A Touch of Silver. But he’s cheating; [...]