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Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks

This is the sort of story that leaves one self-conscious about scratching one’s nose.
As the title suggests, this story focuses on two main characters: Gordon Yamamoto and Miles Tanner (a.k.a. “the King of the Geeks”). Gordon is an upperclassman in high school who, with his friend Devon, is a bit of bully. Miles [...]


I’m told that there was a seven-year delay between the original release of Strips #9 and the recent #10, meaning that this review of #1 would seem like rather old news. But creator Chuck Austen has just started a re-release of the original series in “special editions”. Curious about what the series was [...]

Atlantis Chronicles

It’s tempting to call this “The Secret Origin of Aquaman”… except for the fact that the waterbreathing member of the JLA appears only briefly in the whole series. It’s also tempting to dismiss it as an attempt to reconcile the many mutually-inconsistent versions of “Atlantis” that have appeared in DC comics… except that it’s [...]