archive for January 1998

Amy Unbounded

I don’t buy very many mini-comics. I’m too much a creature of habit, and my habit is to acquire comics through “the system” with my monthly orders and my weekly visits to my local store. I love an adventure off the beaten path (ask me sometime about my solo trip to Iceland), but [...]

Young Hoods in Love

This item sounded interesting when it came out in 1995, but the $9.95 price tag for a fairly slim volume caused me to balk. Recently my retailer had several copies at half off cover price, so I picked it up. It was definitely worth it at that price, and probably would have been [...]

Star Crossed

OK, here’s a space story for the hard sci-fi crowd.
The last two space-based comics I read were space operas: stories following the adventures of pretty-much-present-day humans in the future, with space as the setting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… Galaxion and Wandering Star are both excellent stories I recommend reading. But [...]