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It’s the yellow mask.
That - more than anything else - made it hard for me to take Empire seriously. People often make similar comments about superhero comics (or movies) - that the brightly-colored spandex and capes look silly - and I guess I’m conditioned enough for that not to bother me. But Mark [...]

Carnet de Voyage

You don’t have to be a wannabe cartoonist to harbor some resentment for Craig Thompson.
It does help, though.
Having his first graphic novel (Goodbye Chunky Rice) heralded as a brilliant debut, having his second (actually-novel-length) graphic novel (Blankets) become the poster child for serious sequential art for the year it came out, and then have his [...]


WE3 is a fairly short tale (just under 100 pages) that the publisher calls a cross between The Incredble Journey (the Disney film about three pets trying to find their way home) and The Terminator (the explosion-fest featuring a robotic weapon). That’s a fairly good description. The pets in this case are a [...]

Superman: Secret Identity

One of the common dismissals of the superhero genre is that it’s too limited. It’s all about juvenile morality plays and adolescent power fantasies, and that’s all it’s good for. Kurt Busiek is one of the writers who thinks it’s useful for more than that, and Superman: Secret Identity is one effort prove [...]

Earthboy Jacobus

Earthboy Jacobus is both surprisingly light and refreshing, and surprisingly filling and satisfying. In the blurb on the back cover, Mike Mignola compares it to a cross between Will Eisner and Bill Waterson, and I can definitely see what he means by that. On one hand, it’s full of wacky sci-fi elements and [...]